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» » ‘Erdogan’s accusations of US supporting terrorists a parting shot for Obama’

‘Erdogan’s accusations of US supporting terrorists a parting shot for Obama’

29 Ara 2016, 02:21, Admin
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After Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan accused Washington and its allies of supporting ISIS and other terrorist groups in Syria, RT discussed with analysts the timing of the claims and whether there will be any evidence to them.

"They give support to terrorist groups including Daesh (Arabic for IS)," Erdogan said.

However, US State Department Deputy Spokesperson Mark Toner called Erdogan's claims "ludicrous."

Syria commentator Danni Makki called Erdogan’s statement “pretty staggering.”

“Turkey is one of the most important US allies in the region. And it is interesting that he should actually say that because ISIS has grown into the most dangerous terror movement in the world under the auspice and, you could argue the presence of Erdogan in Turkey, it is growing from the strength to strength. This can definitely be seen as the start of a lot of discord between Turkey and the US,” he added.

According to Makki, “it comes as rather more than just a statement – it is more of a parting shot for President Obama, essentially saying that ‘You’ve got into this mess and we believe that you are part of the problem also.' If you remember at one point, Joe Biden also accused the Turks of supporting ISIS.”

The latter, in Makki’s opinion, “is probably more correct than arguing [that] the US supports ISIS” given Turkey’s policies in the region in recent years.

There have been some problems between Ankara and Washington as well as Ankara and NATO, a lot of which revolve around Syria policy, he said.

However, the timing of Erdogan’s statement shows that “Russia has now gone into the scene more powerfully and robustly, and that Turkey views Russia as a more crucial and significant ally in Syria rather than the US,” Makki said.

Erdogan’s move comes shortly after the talks on Syria between Russian, Iranian and Turkish foreign and defense ministers in Moscow.